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Step into Your Radiant Self 

Breakthrough your Blocks

Hey Beautiful Soul !


How are you? I'm guessing , if you landed here - you are looking for the answer to TRANSFORM your life. You know where you want to be in the future, but don't know how to get there.


There are a few "things" that might be 'blocking' you to get to your future self but, you might not even know what these "things" really are. You do know that you want to absolutely want to get to a better state of being.


These "things" can be identified as one or more of the following:


  • A fear

  • Self Doubt

  • Guilt

  • Self- judgement / self -criticism

  • An emotion like - anger, resentment, jealousy …


Does this resonate with you?


  • You have a dream but feel "stuck" to making it true?


  • You question if you really have the power to make your dreams come true


  • You want more from life but just aren't sure what


  • You are constantly overwhelmed, stressed and or frustrated and tired of feeling this way


  • You judge, self -sabotage and self-criticize yourself


  • You let other people tell you how to live life when you want to do your own thing



We call these…INNER BLOCKS in the coaching world.



How will this group class help me?


Step into your Radiant Self by understanding your blocks


Here is what you will get with a VIP package vs Regular package:

You will learn….


  • How to be calm , and live a life with ease


  • How to be positive in life to manifest your dreams


  • How to be in authority to create the life you wanted


  • How to listen to your soul to bring clarity in your life


  • How to trust yourself and the universe


  • How to create boundaries while taking care of yourself



RADIANCE will be a transformative group class that will give you the education and tools to overcome  these "things" that make you feel stuck in life.


What will I get in these 12 weeks?


Tools to support you like :

  • Meditation, breathwork, building awareness

  • Journal prompts to bring clarity and dive deeper into the "things"

  • Worksheets and exercises that will help bring awareness while also making you feel safe

  • ....and MORE 


Topics like:

  • What are inner blocks? What are limiting beliefs?

  • Psychology behind subconscious/unconscious mind

  • Ego vs Soul self

  • Manifestation



This will all give you the foundation to free yourself from these inner blocks to function at your HIGHEST PERFORMING self to achieve your dreams.

With these tools, methods and steps you will be able to step into your radiant self and have a checklist moving forward. You will be armed with all that you need in your toolkit to stop holding yourself back and move confidently to achieve your DREAMS.


I have used these tools, steps and methods on numerous women and clients and moreover , I've used them on MYSELF. The unique part of this program will be that you will directly get the BLUEPRINT on how to overcome your blocks and live a more fulfilling life.


RADIANCE was created from my heart and soul -- to all of you amazing women that strive for bigger and better world and deeper knowledge of their soul's message. I truly believe that each and every person out in the world deserves a fulfilling life filled with ABUNDANCE, EASE, JOY and LOVE. These are the pillars and core values for the program.

Are you being called for this? If yes, I'm SO EXCITED to meet you! Let's learn and grow together! :-)

Image by Pablo Heimplatz
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